It’s flea market season – Take a tour with me!


I was super excited for today. FINALLY! Its flea market season again and that means I HAVE to open the season with one of my favorite flea markets close to home. This is the annual flea market in Vreeland. I have been going here every year since I was about 15. It’s so awesome because there are a lot of collectors at the market. You’ll find a lot of vintage and antique!

Yes, even spoon collections!


Its really amazing what people collect, look at this amazing vintage and antique toy car and train collection. Its crazy!

Another thing I like to do is get a little bit of history from  the things people sell. This woman had been collecting for 40 years. Her mother past away and left her daughter 72 years of collecting these  awesome toys. Some of the cars where over a hundred years old and looked as new. That is amazing!


I always make a round through the place before buying (except when I find something really cheap and it has a chance of being sold before I come back).

That way you’ll never buy something you can buy cheaper at the other side of the market.



I was looking for a vintage  suitcase to use for vacations. Wouldn’t it be awesome to put your clothes in a case that has had a whole life of traveling already? I was especially looking for one with the name of the owner in it, a list with countries it had been or stickers and stamps from the airports. Didn’t find one unfortunately.


And then, of course, the digging and scanning trough the mess. Trying to find an analogue camera. That’s kind of a ‘where is wally’ project sometimes.


BUT… Then I found a box of analogue cameras…  There where 7 camera’s in there. One in particular was a vintage Agfa. The value of the camera about 5 euro’s. With a little bit of arguing with the man trying to sell it, I got the WHOLE BOX for 3 euro’s! It’s my lucky day! I cleaned em up and look at what I got!

I also bought 3 boxes to put my records in. I’ve got about 200 of them and my storage cabinet was so full I couldn’t close the little door anymore AND I needed to fill another cabinet to get all of them stored. Now one cambinet is empty and I got this really nice vintage storage boxes being pretty in my room.


So that was what I did today! What do you look for at the flea market? Do you ever go to flea markets? (No? Did I convince you to go now?)

Have a nice day!


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