My favorite Etsy shops


I have just recently opened my own shop on Etsy and so far I’m really happy everything is going well. I sell analogue cameras, stamps and envelopes. I’ll be uploading more and more products over time. But I’m still finding out what sells best.
While searching through etsy, I found some really awesome online stores I just need to share with you guys. So here is a list of shops you really need to check out.
And while you’re there, feel free to stop by The Dutch Store. :)iusb_760x100.14081478_qeiaMy top Etsy shops:

1. Alicks & Raflin ( ).
I actually just bought something from this shop. It sells vintage clothing for a good price. I love almost everything. I need to hold myself from buying more and more. They ship from America, which is quite far away. Everything is at a nice price, even with shipping costs up to 20 euros.

Go see what they have, you won’t regret scrolling through all those pages of vintage awesomeness.

2. Demestiks New York ( ).



The colors, the patterns, the clothing. I absolutely love everything. These dresses, skirts, coats and blouses are there to make a statement. I’m desperately searching for a reason to buy a skirt or dress form this store. If you like colors and patterns you really need to look at this shop.

3.  Sweet Heritage Paper ( ).


For all  the snailmailers out there. This shop has some pretty awesome stuff. Envelopes, stickers, twine, tags and tape. You can find it at Sweet Heritage.  I love sending my penpals some little extras with the holidays. Go be creative yourself and get some stuff from here.

4. Retro & Me ( ).


As some of you know I always wear vintage glasses. I buy them at thrift stores and search for nice frames. I pop out the glass and I ask my opticien to put my own in again. This shop has lots of super nice (and affordable) vintage glasses. They actually sell a lot more than just glasses. They sell clothing, accessories and much more. Everything retro! Go check it out.

5. The Old Times Junk Shop ( ).


Basically an online thrift store. It’s full of junk.  From jewelry to licence plates, they have it all! I see so much stuff I want to buy to use as decoration for my room. Go have a look if you’re searching for some old stuff to give your house a vintage touch.


So these are my favorites for now. Do you own an Etsy shop I need to see? Or do you really like one? Please comment below cause I’m always searching for some fun Etsy shops.


Have an awesome day!





So I have been crazy bussy with school the past few months. I made it to my next year and I have been working so hard on getting everything done.
Also, I have been having trouble getting inspired to write new posts. I’m thinking about changing a few things.
For example. I want to take you guys with me on shoots. I don’t want you guys to just see the pictures, I want you guys to see the work I put into it too. Now that is harder than you may think.
I try to take a photo on the set every thime I shoot in the studio. Together with my models and the hair and make-up people. I just forget it all the time. I’m so focussed on taking that one good shot I forget to take some shots in between. But let me know I you’d like to see more of a “behind the scenes of a photoshoot” blog.

Besides all the above I want to use this blog as a place where I can write down all my inspiration and ideas. I want to share them and let you guys think with me. I want to post ideas for shoots and get inspired by your comments. Maybe you have my golden tip. I WILL mention you if I use your tips for my work.

I think this will really work for me. I’ll have to commit myself to make new photography work every week. It will help me keep up with my homework too!

Of course I will keep posting personal/random stuff too, I just need something to stick to as a base for this blog. Cause right now, I’m going nowhere.

So, let’s change some stuff shall we?

Have a great day!



YES, it’s time for a winner. I took all the names of the people  who participated on WordPress and Glipho together on my big hat. Then I pulled out just one name. Who will win this giveaway?


You won the MZ-5 camera with lens and battery pack. I saw you like photography, so I’m sure you will love this one. I will contact you personally. We can discuss how I send you this beauty. 

I’ll even try and send you a 35mm film with it, so you can start right away.

If you’ve missed this giveaway, NO WORRIES! Next giveaway is at 700 followers, and the next one at 800 etc. etc.  

Don’t miss the next giveaway, make sure to follow me!

I think I will be in London when I hit 700 followers. How should I celebrate? Anyone in London who knows a good place to celebrate 700 followers on Glipho?

Have a wonderful day everyone!



It’s something I’ve been struggling with for ever. And I think it will never go away.

I have been studying photography for almost a year now, and the one thing that keeps me from getting everything done is indecision. Every time I get an assignment to photograph, hundreds of ideas pop in my head. They’re everywhere. I write them down. I try some out. But all those ideas often overwhelm me and I won’t be able to do anything. I just freeze. I hate it! Every time I get an assignment, I just need weeks to proces what is the best Idea. Does anyone have this too? If you do, HELP ME PLEASE.

A few months ago, I started a new project for school. I had to choose a theme for this project, and I chose ‘indecision’ as my main theme. Which wasn’t a bad idea at all. I was able to use the one thing that frustrates me the most in these photo’s. At the same time, it was pretty hard, because it’s something so close to me. 

The project is called “portfolio” it was given to me at school. It had a few restrictions.

First I gad to choose a theme (I was not allowed to change it afterwards). Then I got 6 assignments, which I had to link to my theme. Lets call the assignments P1, P2,….P6.

P1: Take a picture describing your theme PLUS the aspect “confrontation”


P2: Take a picture describing your theme PLUS the aspect “hidden”


P3: Take a picture describing your theme PLUS the aspect “emotional”


P4: Take a picture describing your theme PLUS the aspect “wide/spacious”


P5: Take a picture describing your theme PLUS the aspect “Trapped”


P6: Take a picture describing your theme. Your free in what you add.


This work is about something very close to me and who I am. So I decided to take self portraits most of the time. The other person I used is someone really close to me; my brother.

Let me know what you think of these. I had a lot of fun making this. I’m happy with the results.

Have a great day!



Its time for a giveaway.



I haven’t done one of these in a while. Mainly because I Have been so bussy with school, I didn’t have the time to find a camera to give away. But I have been working on getting some new stuff for you guys and damn, did I find you something special.

I would normally never give away such a heavy camera. mainly because I have to send it, and it would cost me a fortune. But I haven’t been blogging for a while, and I missed my 500 AND 600 followers giveaway.

This giveaway is a whole analogue camera package. A SLR camera for 35mm film. An extra battery pack so you can bring it on trips and won’t need to worry about your batteries dying. PLUS one lens!!! If you like photography a lot, this is the camera you want to try out analogue photography with. Its a semi professional and high quality camera. I have the exact same and I am really happy with it.

I am going to get a lens for it. It will be a lens between 30-80mm so you can get those nice wide-angle shots.

If you do not know anything about photography, there is a second choice. Another DSLR camera, from the same series, only simpler. It has less settings and an Auto setting for the people who don’t know anything about light metering. It’s simple, and still high quality. This camera also comes with the same lens.

I will give away one of them. You can choose by commenting on this post. Tell me what your first picture with this camera will be of.

Here are the cameras:


Pentax MZ-5: This is the advanced one, for people who understand ISO, apperture, and shutterspeeds. (if you don’t and you still want this camera, I will be posting a little article on how to use those 3 things)

_MGL8641  _MGL8640

The Mz-10:



How do you enter:

  1. Make sure you are following me (on glipho or wordpress), if you’re not, you can’t win.
  2. Comment on this post what your first picture will be of if you win.
  3. If you don’t have an e-mail somewhere on your profile or blog, please make sure I can contact you in other ways (a link to your FaceBook/Twitter etc.).
  4. You will make a bigger chance to win if you share this article on twitter too!  You will enter the giveaway a second time if you have shared it! If you do, please write #TheDutchStory in your tweet so I can find it. Make your tweet stand out.
  5. Wait for two weeks. I will give you guys until the 28th of June.


Have a great day everyone!







After school.


I have been wondering what I would do after I have finished my study in two years. Should I get to working right away? Or should I do something else first. I’m young now. I live with my parents. No rent to pay. I have no restrictions what so ever. I don’t want to regret not doing something when it’s to late to do it. 

When I turned 18 I got some money from my grandparents. I they have been saving up a monthly fee from the day I was born, until the day I turned into an official adult. They also did that for my older brother. We are the oldest two grandchildren. Five more came after us. I wonder if they knew there would be so many grandchildren. I imagine it would cost quite a lot to save a monthly fee for 7 grandchildren until they turn 18. Haha.  I put away the money and saved it for when I knew what to do with it. Now I know a lot more about myself and I think I know what I’m going to do with this money. 

I love traveling. It’s something I have been doing since I was young, and I really hope to continue doing this until I’m not able to travel anymore. One thing I want to do so badly is to travel around in Asia, and then America for a few months. Now there is a plan! After I finished my school, I’m a professional photographer. How cool it would be to travel then. 

Ok, so maybe I’ll have to work first after all. I have saved some money myself, and the money from my grandparents was quite a lot. But I’ll have to save some more to get to the amount a travel like that will cost me. I have been looking for cool places to work, and then it hit me. I can work abroad! 

ImageI Have been looking at different agencies who offer a program for young people who want to work abroad. I’m definitely not the only one who thought this was a good idea. I came across some awesome jobs. I really liked the program for becoming an au pair abroad. Many countries have this program. I would love to go to America for about 6 months and work as an au pair over there. I would earn enough money to pay for my big trip after six months. Besides, I’ll already be in America.

Although I’m not  hundred per cent sure I’ll be doing this program, I have been baby sitting some more. I need to babysit 200 hours in the coming two years to be able to work as an au pair.

If anyone knows any other agency with cool jobs abroad, let me know. Or even if anybody knows an agency who needs a professional photographer. That would be cool too. Photographing abroad. 

If you are still studying, what are your plans for after school? Are you going to work straight away, are you going to study some more, are you going to travel, or are you going to combine a few together? Let me know in the comments. And if you have done something after your study already, tell me what you did and tell me how it worked out for you.

-X- Len

Photographs on this post where taken by me, please notify me if you would like to use them.

Where I’ve been and where I want to go


I love traveling. I travel as much as possible and as far as I’m able to get. I was lucky to be able to travel a lot from a young age. The first time I flew to another country was when I was only 3 years old. We moved to Singapore and lived there for over 3 years. In this years we traveled a lot. Of course, I don’t remember anything from being 3 years old and traveling, but as I got older I got to actually remember traveling. My first time traveling I remember was when I was about 6 years old. I went to New Zeeland with my parents and my brother. I think my love for traveling and learning about other cultures and meeting other people came from traveling from a young age. I guess its good for you too. Young children take in quite some information unknowingly.

ImageYup, left is a photo of me and my brother when we traveled to Malaysia for (I guess) the first time.

I have made a list of places I have traveled and I was quite amazed at how much of the world I have already seen. But there is still a lot to see of the world. I really want to have set foot on every continent at the age of 30. Thats quite a goal there…

I’m thinking about traveling alone soon. I’m really curious how I would react when I get to a complete strange city somewhere and have nobody to travel with. I’m hoping it would force me out of my comfort zone and make more contact with people who live there. Which will help to get to know a lot more about the local culture and the less touristic places. I would really appreciate drinking a nice glass of wine at a restaurant some local person sent me to.


I have just booked to travel to London for 3 days with my friend Linde. We have been going 3 years in a row. This time, we’ll be looking for the less touristic places to go.  I wonder if that is even possible in London. The city is practically one gigantic tourist attraction. Although I’m quite sure there are some hidden places tourists don’t know about. If you are from London, let me know in the comments. Maybe you could even recommend us an awesome place to visit.

The photo on the left was made at the market in London last year. 

Besides a 3 day trip to London, I’l’ be going away with my boyfriend for two weeks. We’re not sure where to go yet. So many places! Greece, Portugal, Morocco and France all sound really awesome. Choices, choices…

At the end of my summer break I really want to travel to Los Angeles. One of my friends is traveling there for 3 months, he asked me if I would want to travel with him for two weeks. I hope I’ll get enough money to pay for that one. Tickets are over a thousand euros in August! I have mailed a travel agency if they would like me to make pictures for them. In return for some sponsoring. It would be pretty amazing if that works out. It’s a great travel agency for young adults or students by the way! It’s called KILROY and they’re stationed in different countries. They have quite a few nice priced travel programs on their site. I’f you want to travel far for a lower price, you should check it out.

Lets hope I’ll be able to travel as much as I’m planning this summer. I will definitely be posting all about my travels this summer. Even thinking about vlogging and traveling. Though I’ll be vlogging in Dutch with English subtitles. Just because I don’t feel comfortable talking Dutch into a camera let alone talking a different language.

For the people who are interested in what countries I have already visited, I made a list with all the places I have been,

I have been to:

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