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Analogue camera review – The Mamiya C2

It has been a while, but flea market season is here and analogue camera’s will be coming again soon!

I actually got this camera in return for a photo shoot. I got the Mamiya C2 twin lens camera. It is so pretty! just look at it.

I just lent out the camera to a classmate. I just took some photo’s from the internet. My own photo’s will be coming up soon.



The Mamiya C2 is a twin-lens reflex camera made between 1958 and 1962. It has interchangeable lenses ranging from 55 mm wide-angle to 250 mm telephoto. My camera came with two lenses: a 80mm lens and a 55mm lens. It also had a little lens hood for the sun. Which came in these leather pouches. So pretty!



It uses both 120 and 220mm film. You can buy 120mm film HERE. I actually don’t know if you can buy 220mm film. I don’t think so, but if you happen to know where you can buy it, please comment.

My camera has been of the previous owner of ‘Mien Ruys’ garden architects. The company was founded by Mien Ruys and she actually made the royal families’ gardens. This camera was hers’. The person who owns the company now agreed to give me the camera if they could get a group portrait for free. I couldn’t resist that offer.

I used the camera several times for some school projects, and I’m planning on using it some more in the future. It’s a really good camera. It doesn’t need any batteries and you can just pop in some 120mm film and you’re good to go. You do need a light meter to get a proper exposure with this camera. You can buy a digital one, but you can also buy an analogue one at a flea market or thrift store for a lot less. My Mamiya actually came with a small analogue light meter. It works pretty good. But using such an old meter is pretty risky. You never know if its broken. If you want to know for sure, use a cheap film and shoot it with correct exposures according to your light meter. you can check out the results and know if its OK. I also just found out there is a light meter app. Never used it before. But you should definitely try it out.


The camera is worth between 350 and 450 USD if its in a good condition.


That’s it. If you have any questions about this camera, just let me know by asking me on Facebook, twitter, a comment, or e-mail.


Have a nice day!


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There was a bomb in my backyard!

I have had an adventure this week. I was allowed to photograph the bomb squad for a day.

There was a WWII bomb found behind my house (almost my backyard!). I had asked the bomb squad if I could make photo’s and they where OK with it. I even got to go to this place in Leusden (somewhere in the Netherlands) where they exploded the bomb!

This is the bomb squad with the 1000 pound bomb. It was dug up exactly 69 years and 69 days after it was dropped.


The target of the bombing 69 years ago was the bridge behind my house, which the Germans used to transport ammunition.Then the bomb squad transported the bomb to a military training ground. They dropped 6 meters (!!!) of sand on the bomb (that’s a lot). Still the sand came up over 10 meters high during the explosion. Thats crazy! Now I can imagine how horrifying it must have been during the bombing 64 years ago. There where bomb fragments flying around at hundreds of km/h. I actually took one home. The fragments are so sharp I cut my finger on one. The bombing 69 years ago must have destroyed literally everything.


Do you see the wooden pole in the picture? That pole came up to my shoulder. That’s how big the explosion was. The man who actually was on the team who dropped the bombs during the bombing (Englishman) is coming to my hometown soon. He is about 90 years old now. If possible, I am going to interview him and put it on the blog.

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Photographer of the week no.3 (POW)

The third POW is a fact! 

Photographer Of the Week is a weekly blogpost in which I write about a random photographer. You’ll read a bit of the biography, you’ll see work, you’ll get loads of inspiration!

This weeks POW is:

Richard Avedon

Richard Avedon was born May 15, 1923. He was a fashion and portrait photographer.  The new York Time published: “his fashion and portrait photographs helped define America’s image of style, beauty and culture for the last half-century”.

Avedon was born in New York City. His father was a Russian born immigrant who started a successful dress business in fifth avenue called Avedon’s Fifth Avenue. His mother came form a family who owned a dress manufacturing business. She had encouraged Avedon’s love for fashion and art. At the age of 12 Avedon’d interest in photography grew when he joined the young men’s Hebrew Association Camera Club. He would use his family’s Kodak brownie box camera (which I happen to have too!). 

Richard Avedon attended DeWitt Clinton High School in Bedford Park, Bronx, where he worked on the school paper The Magpie with James Baldwin from 1937 until 1940. 

In 1944, Avedon began working as an advertising photographer for a department store, but was quickly endorsed by Alexey Brodovitch, the art director for the fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar. Lillian Bassman also promoted Avedon’s career at Harper’s. In 1945 his photographs began appearing in Junior Bazaar and, a year later, in Bazaar itself.


In 1946, Avedon had set up his own studio and began providing images for magazines including Vogue and Life. He soon became the chief photographer for Harper’s Bazaar.




Some heart inflammations hindered Avedon’s health in 1974. This time inspired Avedon to create a collection from a new perspective. In 1979, Avedon was commissioned by the director of the Amon Carter Museum to complete the “Western Project.” It became a turning point in Avedon’s career when he focused on everyday working class subjects such as miners soiled in their work clothes, housewives, farmers and drifters on larger-than-life prints instead of a more traditional options with famous public figures or with the openness and grandeur of the West.

This project lasted 5 years. Avedon and his team made more than 700 photo’s.


On October 1, 2004, Avedon died of a brain hemorrhage in San Antonio, Texas, while shooting an assignment for The New Yorker. At the time of his death, he was also working on a new project titled Democracy to focus on the run-up to the 2004 U.S. presidential election.

Avedon Has a lot more work and a lot more to tell you about then this little article. But It would get too long if I would tell you everything. BUT… Here are some more famous pictures Avedon made.

Marella Agnelli, Italian socialite, 1953


Dovima with Elephants, 1955

Marilyn Monroe, actress, 1957

Brigitte Bardot, actress, 1959

Dwight David Eisenhower, President of the United States, 1964

The Beatles, 1967

Andy Warhol and Members of the Factory, New York, 1969

Nastassja Kinski and the Serpent, 1981

Whitney Houston (cover of Whitney), 1987

That was this weeks POW!

See ya next week!


Read POW 1 - Walker Evans

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Photographer of the week no.2 (POW)

The second POW is a fact!

Photographer Of the Week is a weekly blogpost in which I write about a random photographer. You’ll read a bit of the biography, you’ll see work, you’ll get loads of inspiration!

This weeks POW is:

Carl de Keyzer

Carl De Keyzer was born in 1958 in Belgium. He is a documentary photographer.

De Keyzer’s freelance career began in 1982. He was also a teacher at the Royal academy of Fine Arts in Ghent, Belgium. At the time he was teaching at the academy, he co-founded the photography gallery. The name XYZ was a wordplay to the nearby and famous sex cinema ABC. He has exhibited his work in many European galleries and has received several awards, including the Book Award from the Arles Festival, the W. Eugene Smith Award (1990) and the Kodak Award (1992). Major subjects in his work have included the collapse of Soviet Union and India.


In 1990 De Keyzer was nominated to be a member of Magnum photos. In 1994 he became an actual member of Magnum photos.

Robert Koch gallery describes his work as investigating “marginalized social groups and constructs uncritical psychological portraits which work to familiarize the ‘other.’” He currently lives in Ghent and continues to teach.

That was this weeks POW!

Let me know if you have any suggestions by commenting below.

See ya next week!



500 followers giveaway!

Waaw! 500 followers. That’s a lot. To thank all of you for reading, I will host another giveaway! 

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Happy holidays everyone!



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